“At the Keyboard”

The object of this project is to collect painting and drawings of keyboard playing through the 18th Century. These depictions are an important historical compilation of the evolution of keyboard playing and its role in the liturgy and society at large. The paintings may also provide important insights into early keyboard techniques that have been lost.

List of Paintings/Drawings – In Chronological Order

Painting name, author and year given when available.

Gentila da Fabriano - 1415
? – Gentile da Fabriano, 1415
Ghent Altarpiece "Angel Musicians" - Jan van Eyck, 1432
Ghent Altarpiece “Angel Musicians” – Jan van Eyck, 1432
"Saint Cecilia Playing the Organ" - Justus Sustermans?, date ?
“Saint Cecilia Playing the Organ” – Justus Sustermans?, date ?
"Saint Cecilia at the Organ" - Anon, 16th Century
“Saint Cecilia at the Organ” – Anon, 16th Century
"Saint Cecilia and an Angel" - Orazio Gentileschi, date?
“Saint Cecilia and an Angel” – Orazio Gentileschi, date?
"Action Proves the Man" - Jan Steen, 1659
“Action Proves the Man” – Jan Steen, 1659
"A Lady Playing the Clavichord" - Gerrit Dou, 1665
“A Lady Playing the Clavichord” – Gerrit Dou, 1665